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Το Συμβούλιο Ευρωπαίων Τοπογράφων διοργανώνει φοιτητικό διαγωνισμό

CLGE Students' Contest - Take part in 2013!

CLGE has launched the second European Students’ Contest for this academic year 2012 - 2013.

The last edition was a huge success, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

If you’re a student we engage you to take part!

If you’re a professional or a teacher: Please spread the word and motivate youngsters to take part in one of the three categories.

The results of the last edition can be read here.

The contest rules


The prizes are €1000,- per winner or winning team and the participation in a special event. In the rules hereafter, the differences with the previous edition are underlined.

How to take part
Students can send in papers in three categories:
- Geodesy, Topography
- GIS and Mapping and Cadastre
- Students and youngsters engagement
The last category is also open for Young Surveyors (as defined by FIG, i.e. under the age of 36 years or registered as surveyor since less than 5 years).
For a valid participation in the contest, papers have to be sent in English before the 05th August 2013, following the guidelines bellow.
Please notice that in all three categories group work is allowed but in case of a winning group, the prize will have to be shared.
Although the topic cadastre was added, the first two categories are straight forward and will not be explained in more detail. It can of course be an abridged version of vaster personal and original work, referring to the full version for further details. This work should have been conducted in-between 2010 – 2013.
For the time being the academic part of the contest is restricted to bachelor and master students. PhD students are not allowed. CLGE is considering to open a new category for this kind of participants.

The third category is meant for personal and original work in the field of students’ engagement or youngsters’ attraction to the profession (2010 – 2013). Proposals can be submitted by Students or Young Surveyors holding a Bachelor or Master degree (definition see above).
The result must be a paper describing a project that would propose a solution to one of the following issues:
- How could CLGE motivate young surveyors to be more active and or more engaged in the association (national and or international levels);
- How could CLGE act to give an increased added value to its members, especially young members or potential members of the national associations;
- What could CLGE do to motivate youngsters to choose for the studies of Geodetic Surveyor and to enter the profession (in countries suffering from a lack of young surveyors).

The paper should describe the full project, including the financial and logistical or other practical aspects.
If the project is judged feasible and desirable by CLGE, the author(s) could be asked to implement it and to report to the CLGE Executive Board and or General Assembly (GA) about the progress. The GA could vote a budget to implement the plan. However, if the needed
amount of money is higher than 5000 euro, the paper should propose ways to raise the needed funding.
Youngsters considering to work in this field may contact the CLGE President for a confidential discussion about their project before starting with their paper (skype pirlot.jy or jean-yves.pirlot ΑΤ

The cooperation with our sponsors
Trimble and Esri have sponsored the 2012 edition of the CLGE Students’ Contest. Talks are on-going for this edition. Esri has already confirmed its commitment.

The Evaluation Process - Awards
A jury chaired by Leiv Bjarte Mjøs, CLGE Vice President, is composed by delegates from CLGE representing the professional, academic and associative sectors. For the sake of independence, it is important to note that IT IS NOT mandatory to use soft- or hardware from sponsoring companies.

Each winner or winning team will receive a CLGE award worth 1000 euro as well as a CLGE certificate.
On top of this, sponsors could offer the participation in a worldwide or European convention or a similar gift.
If suitable, the winner of the prize in the third category will be invited to take part in a CLGE GA, to defend the project and perhaps to implement it.

Guidelines for papers
The full paper should not exceed 4000 words, including a summary of 300 words. The language must be English. The paper should describe the students’ work, findings and conclusions. When submitted to CLGE, we will have the right to publish the paper on CLGE’s website and in magazines. The papers have to be sent before 05 August 2013 to: contest ΑΤ
[backup: Jean-Yves.Pirlot ΑΤ and Leiv.Bjarte.Mjoes ΑΤ]
Candidates will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. If this is not a case after 10 working days, they have to send the paper again or contact +32/475/45.39.90. If they did not get a receipt, it’s probable that the paper was lost and that it will not be taken into consideration.

For any questions, please contact contest ΑΤ
[backup: Jean-Yves.Pirlot ΑΤ and Leiv.Bjarte.Mjoes ΑΤ]
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