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Joint FIG / UN ECE Workshop


Διεξάγεται αυτές τις ημέρες στην Αθήνα:

--- Quote ---Joint FIG / UN ECE Workshop 2012 FIG Commission 3 Workshop on  Spatial Information
FIG Task Force on Property and Housing, and 2012 UNECE WPLA workshop on Informal Development, Property and Housing

With the contribution of UN ECE CHLM, REM, WB, FIG Com9, FIG Com10

And Commission 3 Annual Meeting
10-14 December 2012, Athens, Greece

The aim of this workshop is to study the impact of spatial information on managing the built environment, and on monitoring the legalization process and progress of informal settlements with particular reference to land privatization/title strengthening, property registration, planning reforms, housing and property markets; this with emphasis on the economic, social and environmental aspects on global, nationwide and local levels. In addition, to investigate the international knowledge and experience on how surveyors may assist good governance, efficient operations of property markets, affordable planning, affordable housing, and appropriate environmental management by providing innovative and reliable land tools and spatial information solutions addressing global challenges.
--- End quote ---

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