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  • 23rd Int. Cartographic Conf.: 04 Αυγ 2007 - 10 Αυγ 2007

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23rd International Cartographic Conference
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"Every four years a plenty of scientists, experts widely known in the cartographic community, students participate in these ICA event to communicate about activity of the academic institutes, universities, representatives of the national cartographic services (agencies), which are responsible for cartography in their countries, and also companies whose activity is connected with cartography, remote sensing and GIS.
ICA has agreed with the offer of the State Surveying and Mapping Service of the Russian Federation and National Cartographic Committee of the Russian Federation to hold the ICA XIV General Assembly and XXIII International Cartographic Conference in Moscow, Russia.
The motto of the conference «Cartography for everyone and for you» is chosen proceeding from the fact that now without a cartographic component the qualitative decision of problems of a society or even a citizen is impossible."


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